An overview of X-Tokenize Features
Here, you will discover a wide range of powerful tools and functionalities designed to empower token issuers and provide seamless experiences for managing assets on the XRP Ledger. X-Tokenize offers a robust suite of features across different modules, including the Issued Currency Manager, NFT Manager, XRPL DEX, NFT Marketplace, Tools, X-Tokenize Settings, and Wallet Support.

Issued Currency Manager:

  • Minting: Create new tokens
  • Burning: Destroy minted IC
  • Freezing: Manage IC transferability
  • Distribution: Disburse IC to filtered recipients
  • DEX: Manage orders on the DEX

NFT Manager:

  • Metadata: Deploy assets and metadata to IPFS w/ piñata or to AWS S3 buckets
  • Minting: Bulk NFT creation
  • Distribution: Multiple forms of distributing NFTs


  • Trading Pair orderbook viewing
  • Offer Management: Place and cancel offers

NFT Marketplace:

  • Create Offers for existing NFTs
  • Offer Management: View and manage Incoming and outgoing offers


  • Testnet account management
  • Account funding
  • Send payments (XRP + ICs)
  • Account setting modifier

X-Tokenize Settings:

  • Fine tune X-Tokenize

Wallet Support:

  • Internal Wallets
  • XUMM Support
  • Ledger Nano Support