⚒️Manage Incoming/Outgoing Offers

Describes the process to manage incoming and outgoing offers


How to manage offers:

  1. Select one of the following:

    1. Incoming offers: Manage Incoming NFT offers

      1. Select a timeframe to check for incoming offers

    2. Outgoing offers: Manage Outgoing NFT offers

  2. Select one of the following:

    1. Manage sell offers

    2. Manage buy offers

    3. Cancel all invalid offers

Offers can be deemed invalid for a few reasons:

  1. An offer has expired

  2. An offer for an NFT that has been burned

  3. An outgoing offer for an NFT with an owner who doesn't own the NFT anymore

  1. Select the OfferID you would like to manage

  2. Select an management option for this offer:


View All Offers

Displays all of the buy and sell offers for this NFT

Accept Offer

Accepts the offer

Cancel Offer

Cancels the outgoing offer

Reject Offer

Cancels the incoming offer

View Buy Offers

Displays all buy offers for the NFT

View Sell Offers

Displays all sell offers for the NFT


Cancels managing this offer

  1. If Accepting, Cancelling or Rejecting: Review the transaction details

  2. Confirm/deny the transaction details

  3. Wait for the tx results


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