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The NFT manager is a tool that facilitates various aspects of NFT management. It provides functionalities for NFT metadata deployment, allowing users to upload and publish associated metadata for their NFTs. Additionally, the manager supports NFT minting, empowering users to create new NFTs by generating unique digital assets and associating them with relevant metadata. It also enables NFT distribution, facilitating the transfer of ownership from issuers to recipients through various methods such as simple distribution and on-demand distribution. Furthermore, the NFT manager includes an NFT marketplace feature, enabling users to handle incoming and outgoing offers for their NFTs, enhancing the overall management experience for NFT issuers and holders.


NFT metadata deployment refers to the process of uploading and making available the metadata associated with a non-fungible token (NFT).



NFT minting is the act of creating a new non-fungible token (NFT). It involves generating a unique digital asset, assigning it a distinct identifier, and linking it to specific metadata that defines its properties, ownership, and other relevant information.



NFT distribution refers to the process of distributing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to recipients or holders. It involves transferring ownership of NFTs from the issuer or creator to individuals or entities, often as a reward, sale, or airdrop, enabling broader access and circulation of these unique digital assets.


NFT Marketplace:

The NFT marketplace enables NFT issuers and holders to manage incoming and outgoing offers for NFTs.

🏪NFT Marketplace

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