🔧Configurable Settings

Overview of the various global settings

X-Tokenize enables users to configure essential global settings that are utilized throughout different components of X-Tokenize. These settings allow users to customize the behavior and functionality of the application according to their preferences. By accessing the settings, users can modify parameters such as the default project, throttle rate, transaction limits, sleep time, maximum fees, fee cushion, ledger offset, and transaction logging. These settings have a broad impact on how X-Tokenize operates and provide users with flexibility and control over the application's behavior.

Default Project:

Configure a default configuration to launch at startup

📖Default Project

Xumm Configuration:

Configure XUMM API keys to sign transactions in your XUMM wallet

📶Configure XUMM

Avoid being rate limited:

Configure operation throttles, sleep timers and number of operations before sleep

🧲Avoid being rate limited

Tx Settings:

Configure tx settings such as max fee, fee cushion multiplier, max ledger offset and tx logging

💳Tx Settings

Default Network:

Configure the default network to use when interacting with the DEX, Marketplace and tools

🌐Default Network

Add a funding account:

Configure a default funding account to fund new accounts.

💰Funding Account

Add accounts:

Add accounts to use with the dex, nft marketplace and tools


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