📤Running the Distribution


Execute an NFT Distribution:

  1. Load your NFT configuration

  2. Navigate to Distribution-->Manage Existing Distribution-->Select the Distribution

  3. When ready select Run Distribution

  4. Prerequisite checks will begin:

    1. Checks if the distribution has already been completed

    2. Checks if the minting, authorized minter and payment account wallets exist

    3. Checks if the payment methods are all set up properly on all accounts

    4. Checks if the NFTs that haven't been distributed still exist on the nft treasury

    5. Checks if the Distribution Account will satisfy the reserve requirement after creating offers

  5. Confirm you want to run the distribution

  6. If encrypted, decrypt the distribution wallet with your password and pin

  7. The distribution is initialized and begins.

If running a simple or trustline distribution:

Once all offers are created, you can come back later to check their status by running the distribution again.

Learn more about NFT distribution types

  1. Once ALL NFTs have an 'offer-accepted' status, mark the distribution as completed


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