🌱Mint NFTs

Describes the process to mint NFTs


Execute an NFT Mint:

  1. Load your NFT Config

  2. Navigate to Mint-->Manage Existing Mint Config-->Select the Mint Config

  3. When ready select Mint NFTs

  4. Prerequisite checks will begin:

    1. Checks if the minting account exists

    2. Checks if using authorized minting

      1. Checks if authorized minter account exists

      2. Checks if the authorized minter is authorized

    3. Checks if all metadata items contain a URI

    4. Checks if the account will conservatively satisfy the reserve requirement for the mint

  5. If all the prerequisite checks pass, confirm that you would like to run the mint

  6. If encrypted, decrypt the minting wallet with your password and pin

  7. Wait for the mint to complete.


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