🏪NFT Marketplace

Manage your incoming and outgoing NFT offers

The NFT marketplace in X-Tokenize distinguishes itself from traditional marketplaces by focusing on managing NFT offers rather than direct buyer-seller interactions. It provides a structured framework for users to engage with NFT offers, while maintaining control over their assets.

Within the XRPL ecosystem, the concept of NFT offers plays a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of NFTs between different parties. NFT offers which can be of two types: buy offers and sell offers. A buy offer represents a user's desire to purchase an NFT from another account, while a sell offer indicates the intent to sell an NFT owned by the user. These offers are created by users and stored on the XRPL, enabling interested parties to browse and interact with them.

How to use X-Tokenize NFT Marketplace:


Initializing the NFT Marketplace:

  1. Launch X-Tokenize

  2. Navigate to NFT Marketplace

  3. Select an account that you would like to use with the NFT Marketplace


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