📤Preparing deployment method

Supported Metadata deployment methods:

IPFS Pinata:

Pinata is a user-friendly service that simplifies interaction with the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized file storage and retrieval system. Pinata acts as a gateway, providing tools for file hosting, pinning (ensuring file availability), metadata management, API integration, and enhanced data privacy and security. It allows users to easily upload, store, and retrieve files on IPFS without directly dealing with its underlying complexities.

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AWS S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) is a highly scalable and secure cloud-based storage service provided by Amazon Web Services. It allows you to store and retrieve large amounts of data from anywhere on the web. S3 provides a simple interface for uploading, organizing, and managing your data in buckets, which act as containers for objects such as files, images, videos, or backups. With features like data encryption, access control, versioning, and lifecycle management, AWS S3 offers reliable and flexible storage solutions for a wide range of applications and use cases.

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Import URIs:

If you already deployed your metadata and have a set of URI's you can import them as a list to create a valid metadata deployment to use with your mint configuration.

📥Import URIs

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