💰Distribution Payment Options

Describes the payment options for each NFT distribution type.

Payment Options:

The table below shows a brief overview of the different available payment options for each of the different distribution types.





IC Balance

Payment Account

⚙️** If the NFTs are configured with the onlyXRP flag enabled then IC's cannot be used with simple distributions. The minter (and authorized minter) need to configure a trustline for the IC.

Simple Distribution:

Simple distribution offers enhanced visibility across different NFT marketplaces but lacks the ability to define recipients. In a simple distribution, the payment amount for an NFT is directly attached to the open-ended offer. Once the offer is accepted, the payment is debited directly to the NFT treasury that created the offer.

On-Demand Distribution:

On-Demand distribution provides significant flexibility for NFT issuers by enabling acceptance of multiple payment methods and allowing payments on an external account. By accepting payments on an external account, different accounts can handle distinct responsibilities: the minting account focuses on being the issuer, the authorized minter handles minting and distribution, and the payment account is monitored for fulfilled conditions. Payments are debited directly to the account specified in the distribution config.

When executing an on-demand distribution, NFT issuers must communicate the required conditions directly to potential recipients or provide a gateway, such as a minting site, to facilitate easy fulfillment of the conditions.

Foundation for a basic gateway coming soon!

Trustline Distribution:

Coming Soon!

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