Configurating metadata deployment


Create a metadata deployment configuration:

  1. Load your NFT configuration

  2. Navigate to metadata --> Create Metadata Deployment

  3. Enter a unique name for the config

  4. Find and navigate X-Tokenize installation directory:

Global Installation:


Local Installation:

  1. In the installation directory navigate to:

nft-metadata --> {Your NFT Config Name} --> {Your NFT Metadata Config Name}

  1. Import the appropriate files into x-tokenize based on your deployment type:

  • Copy the contents of the metadata and asset directories you created during the file preparation into their respective directories (metadata and assets)

  1. Once all of the files are copied to the directories confirm that they are ready to be verified

If importing using a metadata.json file continue to step 12

  1. Select your deployment method and provide the requested information

    1. AWS S3: AWS S3 API key/secret = IAM Access key/secret

It is highly advised to encrypt your secret.

If encrypting be sure to store your password and pin in a safe & offline place.

  1. If you have additional assets to deploy like images or videos select "yes"

If you DO NOT have additional assets to deploy continue to step 12.

  1. Select the properties of the metadata that require additional deployments.

  2. For each property, provide the file extension of the asset representing this property:


    Selected property named "image" and the assets to deploy for this property are all pngs. Then you would enter the file extension ".png" (without the quotation marks)

  3. Verify the number of files and additional deployments in the configuration and confirm/deny


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