Create a new issued currency configuration


Create an IC Configuration:

  1. Launch X-Tokenize

  2. Navigate to Issued Currencies --> Create Issued Currency Config

  3. Enter a unique name for the config.

  4. Configure the network settings

    1. Select the primary network to work on ("testnet","mainnet" or "altnet")

    2. Use a default RPC endpoint or provide a custom one

In the next step, be sure to copy and store any seed phrases, encryption passwords and pins in a safe offline place!

Failure to do so can result in loss of access to the accounts and funds!

The operational wallet (used for distributions) will be automatically generated.

Do not overlook the warning above!

  1. Select your issuer and treasury wallet preferences

  2. Configure your IC currency preferences:

    1. Enter the currency code of the IC

    2. If the supply is fixed --> provide a max supply

    3. Provide if the currency has already minted and an estimated circulating supply.

  3. Review and confirm/deny the created config


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