🗃️Filtering Recipients

Explains trustline filtering options

When distributing issued currencies, trustline filtering is an important step to ensure that distributions are allocated to the appropriate participants. Trustline filtering allows for the selection of eligible recipients based on specific criteria. These criteria include loyalty program, partnership program, specific trustline settings, minimum XRP balance, and NFT ownership. Each filtering option serves a unique purpose in determining which trustlines qualify for the distribution based on factors such as token balances, partnerships, trustline configurations, XRP balances, and NFT ownership. These filtering methods help streamline the distribution process and ensure that the allocations reach the intended recipients.

Loyalty Program:

Filter trustlines based a minimum balance requirement of the token to be distributed.

Partnership Program:

Filter trustlines based on the minimum balance of another issuer's token.

Requires you to know the issuer's address and the currency code of the token

Specific Trustline settings:

Filter trustlines that have configured their trustline with specific settings.

Minimum XRP Balance:

Filter trustlines based on a minimum XRP Balance requirement.

NFT Ownership:

Filter trustlines based on the ownership of an NFT either collection specific or generally by an issuer.

Requires you to know the NFT issuer address and (if collection specific) the token taxon of the collection

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