🔧Account Settings Modifier

Describes how to manage account settings with X-Tokenize

X-Tokenize features a comprehensive tool designed to manage account settings for XRPL (XRP Ledger) accounts. With this tool, users have the ability to modify and fine-tune their account settings according to their specific requirements. These settings encompass a wide range of options that allow users to customize their account behavior, security measures, and transaction preferences. Whether it's setting a domain, enabling/disabling default ripple behavior, managing regular keys, or adjusting transfer rates, the account settings tool in X-Tokenize provides users with the flexibility to tailor their XRPL accounts to suit their individual needs.

How to Manage Account Settings:

Available Settings:

Setting NameDescriptionValuesNotes

Set Domain

The domain setting is a string that can be used to identify a specific account. It is not used by


It is not used by the XRPL but, it can be used by other systems that rely on the XRPL

Set Email Hash

The email hash is commonly used to generate an avatar image for the account using gravatar


Set Authorized Minter

Authorized minter allows another account to mint NFTs on behalf of this account

an address

Set Tick Size

The tick size determines the smalles increment in which currencies issued by this account can be traded on the DEX

None: 0 Min: 3 Max:15

Set Transfer Rate

The transfer rate is used to determine the fee that is charged when a currency issued by this account is sent to another account

Min:0 Max:100

Set Regular key

Allows another account to sign transactions on behalf of this account

an address

Set Message key

Coming soon

Toggle Default Ripple

Default ripple automatically enables rippling on trustlines to currencies issued by this account

true / false

Toggle Disallow XRP

A flag to let other accounts know that XRP should not be sent to this account

true / false

It is important to know that this flag is not enforced by the xrpl and other accounts can still send incoming XRP to this account

Toggle Destination Tags

A flag that enforces all incoming transactions to attach a destination tag to their transaction

true / false

Manage Trustline Authorization

Coming Soon

Manage Deposit Authorization

Coming Soon


Blackholing an account permanently revokes access to an account essentially forcing the account to remain in the state it is in at the time execution

true / false

This process is handled by setting a regular key to an inaccessible account (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhoLvTp) and then disabling the master key on the account.


  1. Launch X-Tokenize

  2. Navigate to Tools

  3. Select "Account Settings Modifier"

  4. Select a Setting to modify

  5. Enter the value for the setting referencing the table above

  6. Review the transaction details

  7. Confirm/deny the transaction

  8. Verify the results


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