Tx Settings

Apply transaction settings to protect yourself against high transaction costs.

Managing Tx Settings:

  1. 1.
    Launch X-Tokenize
  2. 2.
    Navigate to Settings
  3. 3.
    Configure the max_fee, fee cushion, and max_ledger_offset, log_transactions based on your tx preferences
The max_fee setting determines the maximum transaction fee (in drops) that you are willing to pay for submitting a transaction. During periods of high network traffic, node load can escalate, resulting in a surge in fees. By setting a maximum fee, you safeguard yourself against incurring excessively high fees compared to regular network operations. This feature ensures that you maintain control over transaction costs, even in times of increased network congestion.
Default Setting: 100
The fee_cushion setting serves as a crucial multiplier in determining the transaction fee, increasing the likelihood of your transaction being included in the next ledger. By factoring in the current base transaction fee and the load factor of the node, the fee cushion optimizes the fee calculation process.
Base fee: 10
Load factor: 1.2
Fee cushion: 1.5
Calculated Fee: 10*1.2*1.5 = 18 drop tx fee
Default Setting: 1.5
The max_ledger_offset setting signifies the maximum number of ledgers that can elapse before a submitted transaction is considered unsuccessful if it hasn't been applied. By setting this value, you establish a threshold for the time allowed for a transaction to be included. This control mechanism enables you to manage transaction outcomes and promptly identify and handle any potential delays or issues that may arise during the transaction verification process.
Default Setting: 20
The log_transactions setting controls the internal logging of all attempted transactions. When enabled, every transaction, regardless of its outcome, will be recorded in the internal logs. This feature provides comprehensive visibility and traceability of transaction activity within the system, allowing for detailed analysis, troubleshooting, and auditing purposes. By toggling this setting, you can choose to capture a complete transaction history, ensuring transparency and facilitating effective monitoring of transaction processes.
Default setting: true