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How to set up a XUMM Account in X-Tokenize

Users are strongly advised to exercise caution and thoroughly review all transaction requests before signing when using XUMM. It is crucial to triple-check transaction details to ensure accuracy and prevent unintended or fraudulent transfers. X-Tokenize assures users that unexpected XUMM requests will not be sent, and all signing requests will be user-initialized or user-scheduled within the X-Tokenize application. Users should remain vigilant against phishing attempts and fraudulent activities from external sources, and only interact with trusted entities.

We will never solicit or request your seed phrase, password, PIN, or secret numbers.

Please note that X-Tokenize and its contributors cannot be held liable for any loss of funds, unauthorized access, or any other damages resulting from the handling of XUMM Wallets. It is your responsibility to exercise caution, implement robust security practices, and take appropriate measures to protect your funds and accounts


How to add an XRPL Account managed by XUMM:

  1. If using the Access Token method and this is your first or it has been 24 hours since your last XUMM sign in into X-Tokenize otherwise continue to step 2:

    1. Your default browser will open with the appropriate XUMM sign in page

    2. Scan the Sign In QR Code on the Xumm sign in page with your XUMM App

    3. Sign in with any account to refresh the access token.

    4. When the access token is retrieved, you can now safely close this window

Be sure you check the Account that you are signing in with for this configuration**.**

  1. You should receive a push notification with the sign in instructions otherwise scan the QR code displayed in X-Tokenize using your XUMM wallet

  2. In XUMM, Select an account you would like to use for this config

  3. In XUMM, Accept/deny the Sign In transaction request

  4. In X-Tokenize, Verify the account you signed in with


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